Officially established in 2021 by Robert Nguyen, Eat me Plz is an independent lifestyle brand rooted in the vibrant cultural hubs of New York City and London.

Beginning as an online boutique, Eat me Plz has swiftly risen to global prominence under Robert's visionary leadership. Our brand has graced the wardrobes of trendsetting influencers such as those at NewJeans and Le Sserafim.

At the heart of Eat me Plz lies a diverse collective of independent Asian creatives dispersed across the globe. With talents stemming from esteemed institutions like Parsons our team harbors a collective dream: to revolutionize fashion and foster a positive representation of Asian identity worldwide.

Embracing a unique blend of gothic-cute aesthetics, Eat me Plz has garnered recognition from industry tastemakers, earning features on platforms like Hypebae as the epitome of gothic-cute fashion.

Our garments, meticulously crafted from scratch, embody the essence of authenticity and innovation.

Available in limited quantities, each piece tells a story of passion and dedication. 

Our approach: As a small business, we are committed to the sustainable and ethical management of our operations. The goal of reducing our environmental impact influences our decisions. At all levels and in all locales, we respect high standards for social and ecological responsibility. Eat me Plz is also fur- and exotic leather-free.

Carbon footprint: we work to continually reduce the environmental footprint of our products. The remaining carbon emissions associated with all activities in our product’s life cycle are carefully calculated.

Our clothing is only sold through our webstore @ eatmeplz.com

If you happen to see our products on any other website please note that they're selling replicas and not our original products.

All of our products are premade so initially they are made in limited quanitites. At Eat me Plz we aim to be sustainable as possible so we will only restock on items if the demand is overwhelming enough.

For PRESS/PR, Collaborations, and Order inquiries

You can contact us by heading over to the Contact Us page or email us at contact@eatmeplz.com